Louise Plamondon: Nail Technician and Fuzion Educator 

I have changed the name. I have closed French Manicure Shop as a distribution centre, due to new beginnings and a move!. I am still very much doing Nails and I am also still a Fuzion and Clear Jelly Stamper Educator offering classes and training!

Contact me directly at: 780-531-1980


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/french.manicure.shop/

Instagram: louplamondon_nail_educator

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Are you interested in becoming a Nail Technician? 

Louise offers the Fuzion Nail Courses for people wanting to become Technitions or want to refresh there skills!

Are you looking to learn new Nail Art Techniques?

As a certified Clear Jelly Stamper Educator  Louise is always offering classes to teach you the amazing techniques and products Clear Jelly Stamper offers!


Visit our "Education Programs" page in the header above for more class information!

To book classes or to request more imformation,

Contact: Louise Plamondon: @ 780-531-1980

** Classes listed in our "Education Program" page is just a few that we offer. We have different kinds like Nail Art, Clear Jelly Stamper and more.. follow our Facebook and instagram page for more info**

Want to know more? Contact us directly below regarding any questions you may have

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 Louise Plamondon is a Nail Technician and Fuzion Educator with over 18 years experience! I love what I do, and love that I get the opportunity to interact with so many clients and customers. I enjoy teaching students, and I am always looking forward to learning new things myself! I truly love what I do, and it makes me so happy to make my clients and students as happy as I can!


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French Manicure Shop is also an Education Center with Fuzion and Clear Jelly Stamper

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